The Smile of the Child is here for School community, and the Schools are here for The Smile of the Child!

If you are a group of schoolmates playing music with your band, organizing a school event or preparing an essay, and you wish for the school-world, both in Greece and abroad, to know about it… Well, this is your chance!

Here you can share your experiences with children in schools both in Greece and abroad. On the other hand, The Smile of the Child will share with you its experience from its daily presence in schools.

We will have a good time and at the same time we will address critical issues. Together, as a team — like sitting together in the back of the bus on a school-trip day.

07 January, 2013
We had the pleasure to have with us a group of students from the 4th Dafni Highschool, with which we have been...
07 January, 2013
Surfing the internet has become a part of our lives. A world of new possibilities opens up in front of our eyes. In...