Within the context of promoting the need of students for information and creativity, “The Smile of the Child” has realized a new communication and entertainment e-platform within a safe internet environment, which consists of the following: info website
YouSmiletv: web tv
YouSmileradio: online radio
YouSmilelearn: interactive – e-platform for distance learning and information. Thanks to online live communication (which includes video, PowerPoint, and chat applications) it can be used by students, parents and educators, providing information on topics such as Child Abuse, School Bullying, Internet Safety, etc.  Thanks to this e-platform distance ceases to be a factor, as educators who volunteer for the Organization will provide free online courses to students. 

The goals of the YouSmile platform are:

• To support the interactive communication of the children
• To encourage the development of creativity 
• To give children the opportunity to  express their points of view 
• To promote the proper use of the internet by teenagers by applying and mastering new technologies
• To inform children about their rights
• To encourage children to familiarize with and use the “National Helpline for Children SOS 1056” so as to share their worries and concerns.
• To provide quick and easy to access distance learning (youlearn) to more students and schools in other remote regions in Greece.

This new initiative of YouSmile is being handled exclusively by the scientific personnel of the Organization and is one of the key “tools” in our effort to use modern technology and social networking applications in order to inform directly the children about abuse, their rights and how to ask for help for themselves or for their friends.