Do you need any learning support courses or do you wish to obtain some other special knowledge?
Do you need to access information promptly and at your own pace?
YouLearn interactive platform offers you all of the above and more, free of charge.  On-line live communication, including videos, powerpoint presentations and chat, gives you the opportunity of real time, active participation in the learning process.
YouLearn interactive platform is also available on a school-basis. The Smile of the Child gives talks to students, teachers and parents on the issues it addresses, like child abuse, school bullying, safety on the Internet and more.
YouLearn bridges the distance allowing us to exchange views and share experiences on a regular basis. You can inform your school about YouLearn and give the following contact details:
Students, Parents & Teachers Information Department Email:
If you wish to use YouLearn, send us an email to and we will brief you on the procedure and the Conditions of Use.