The Smile of the Child is a voluntary organization dedicated to children.

It started as a wish of 10-year-old Andreas Giannopoulos who, some time before losing his life, described his vision in his diary

Andreas’ dream came into life a few months later with the first Children’s Home. Today, the achievements of The Smile of the Child are beyond imagination, proving that great things can be accomplished when people join forces for a common goal — exactly as a 10-year-old child had predicted.

The Smile of the Child, with the help of its young and adult volunteers,as well as its employees, runs on a 365-days-per-year basis dozens of activities for the care and protection of physical and mental health, and the safety of thousands of children in need in Greece.

Find out about our activities for children and, if you have some free time, join our team. Add your voice to Andreas and thousands other young volunteers and help us build a better future. As Andreas said “If we all join forces, we’ll make it happen.”

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