28 January, 2013

When they tease you…

"Sometimes you are looking for somewhere to hide because of embarrassment when you make a mistake in math and the rest of the children in high school tease you. You want to cry and get out with no second thought but you ‘re trying to be strong. It is also horrible when they tease you because you come from another country… you just feel like hitting them. In the end, however, you will gain nothing at all, just TURN your back without speaking to them and go laugh with your friends as if nothing happened.."
Constantina (13 years old)

Smile tip: Good for you Constantina for choosing to turn your back and smile with your friends, because that’s how you really win!! It is important that you shared this experience of yours, we are always close to you to listen to whatever is on your mind through the National Helpline for children SOS 1056 (free of charge from mobile or card phone, operates 24 hours a day) http://www.yousmile.gr/contact1056.