28 January, 2013

After the tear comes the smile.

"I have a friend that has gone through many difficulties in her life. And because I have gone through many difficulties in my life, we connected and it was one of the reasons we became friends. It is thanks to those difficulties, however, that we understand each other. My friend is adopted. Before her adoption, however she was in a car, watching her parents get killed. It is very traumatic for a child to see the death of his or her loved ones at a young age. Now, however, she is happy and belongs to a very nice family. See? During a misfortune, she stood lucky. I wanted to write my thoughts onthis paper so that everyone that reads it understands that when they face a difficulty or a challenge, something good will come their way too, because as they say, after the tear comes a SMILE"

Christine (14,5 years old)

Smile Tip: Thank you for sharing your real story with us.. It is important when there are people to support us at our most difficult moments. The people of “National Helpline for the children SOS 1056” are always there to listen and to talk to every child.