24 April, 2013

«At school they used to put me in dumpsters»


Lady Gaga recounted the shocking moments she lived throughout her teenage years, admitting that she became a victim of abuse in school!
“The boys of my class used to throw me in the dumpsters and the girls watched me being covered by rubbish and laughed”, the young star confessed, shocking with her revelation. And she added, her classmates made fun of her when she cried because of her torture she lived through!

In a recent concert in Puerto Rico, Gaga talked about social exclusion, and she has established the institution “Born This Way”, aiming at battling bullying and awakening everyone on this unacceptable social phenomenon.


Smile tip: “The Smile of the Child” has developed many actions for the prevention and handling of situations of school bullying incidents However, if you are child that experiences this kind of situation or you see classmates of yours experiencing it, you can call the National Helpline for the Children SOS 1056,  for free and anonymously (operates 24hours) and talk about what in your mind… with no fear, shame or guilt..