24 April, 2013

TV program for the 19th of November “World Day against child abuse”ς κακοποίησης"

To mark the 19th of November, “World Day against child abuse” YouSmileTV dedicated a TV web broadcast on the phenomenon of child abuse, starring – as always – the children that joined their voices and sent a strong message to everyone, aiming at battling the phenomenon. With an hour long informative and awakening show on the interactive online portal for children, the teenager “Yousmiler” Rania Papadopoulou discussed with the team for children’s rights, as well as with social scientists of the Organization– Stefano Alevizo (psychologist), Ioanna Lagoumintzi and Stefania Tekou (Social Worker) – who in turn gave out useful advice and informed young and old on the following:

- What is child abuse and its categories?
- How does an abused child feel and what can he or she do in order to overcome the problem and continue with his or her life?
- When we realize that a child is being abused, we shouldn’t “close” our eyes, but, on the contrary, we should show interest and help. Indifference is co-complicity!
- No secret should be considered shameful! The children that are being abused should find the strength and courage to talk about their problem to someone that can offer actual help.

The “National Helpline for the children SOS 1056” of the voluntary organization “The Smile of the Child” operates for free 24/7, and calls can be made even anonymously. If a child faces any kind of problem on 1056 hotline there will always be someone that can listen to him and her and truly help.

The site constitutes a basic “tool” of prevention that was created by “The Smile of the Child”, since with the use of technological means it informs immediately children and teenagers on abuse, their rights etc as well as where to turn to discuss about issues that concern them and their friends”